About FAM

FAM NFT is the world's first 3D PFA (Profile Avatar) in which multiple PARTS are combined and randomly generated 3D avatar.


Users can use FAM NFT as their own avatar in the metaverse of TOZ Universe.


FAM NFT has a LEVEL system, and you can increase EXP and LEVEL through training. As the LEVEL increases, more diverse PARTS of FAM NFT are opened, and you can create your own avatar. When you proceed with LEVEL UP, you can advance FAM of your desired shape as it directly imports the current PARTS without any modifications.

The maximum quantity allowed for each FAM NFT LEVEL

MAX Burned QTY

This is the maximum number of FAM NFTs that can be used as LEVEL UP materials and burned for each LEVEL.


This represents the maximum FAM NFT quantities for each LEVEL after the number of MAX Burned QTY FAM NFTs are burned.

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